MrO - Gary Warke

One of N. Ireland's original oven cleaning companies. We have been operating in Belfast & surrounding areas since 2007. With many thousands of satisfied customers who use our cleaning services on a regular basis we welcome your enquiry. Our highly trained & experienced technician would be delighted to restore your oven to showroom condition again!

We clean all types of Hobs, Ovens, Agas & Rayburn, Ranges & microwaves, even Extractor fan hoods.

From Grime to Shine in around 2 hours.

With no harmful chemicals or fumes, your oven is ready to use right after the service!
MrO mobile oven cleaning


We can transform your dirty oven into showroom condition again.

We will remove all your racks, trays & panels and steep them in a non-caustic solution until they shine again. We remove doors and split them to clean behind the glass. All the burnt-on carbon is removed with a special tool and the entire oven is degreased and polished. After 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on oven size, your oven will look as good as new.

Our eco-friendly, non-caustic products mean that not only are there are no fumes or mess, but your kitchen is safe, hygienic and free of nasty fumes, and ready to use immediately!


We pride ourselves on keeping prices competitive. Rest assured that the prices quoted are the prices you pay. We quote by clean, not by time, so you get the best value for money possible.

single door oven


90mins work


double door oven


120mins work


range oven


180mins work


AGA oven


180mins work



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